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Germanic Rune Roundtable

Discussions of the Elder Futhark

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Germanic Rune Roundtable

September 27th, 2006



what would they do if they made a mistake while they were carving???
me and becky were talking about it and had a very good laugh at what we came up with!!   Mind you we will never know the truth and thats a shame i really would like to know. but because of laughing while we were talking about it i dont really recall exacly what was said but it was funny.   
what do you think they did if they made a mistake wile carving there runes on stone or mountain or cave wall???

September 26th, 2006

(no subject)

This is a test, this is only a test...

Feoh Feoh

Feoh Rune. First rune of Freya's Aett.

sorry everyone...just figuring out how to enter images into entries :-)
This community will focus on the the runes in the Elder Futhark and their use in writing, magical rituals, and divination. I believe in the Runes so for me this is not just a scholastic endeavor but also a spiritual journey. All views are interesting to me and I believe in free speech so for now I will allow free posting by all members and non-members but I will not hesitate to delete posts, ban users, or change the settings on this community should hurtful. obscene, or intolerant users/posts rear their ugly heads.

I am going to wait a little while before my first rune related post just to see if anyone ntoices this communities existence at all. I would very much appreciate an introductory post so I know who is interested. All I really want/need to know is what attracted you to the runes and this community... any other information you choose to provide... Feel Free!

~*The Rune Maiden*~
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